Saturday, October 02, 2004

First 2L Binge

Well, I finished my first full week as a 2L. Overall the classes are a little more difficult than I expected, and I'm definitely having to prepare WAY more than I did last year since most of my professors are using varied forms of the Socratic method. But, most importantly, the first big party of the year was last night. Here's the recap:

-- I drank huge amounts of vodka, but thankfully I have managed to escape the vile hangover I would have right now if I had started in on the whiskey and stuff...I'm so happy I resisted the urge

-- I introduced myself to a whole bunch of people as the "class lush"

-- I did shots with my peer mentees

-- I told a couple of people about the blog, and then someone else yelled the name of the blog out for everyone to hear, so I guess the secret might be at least partially out depending on what everyone can remember

-- Everything else is a boozy haze, but I had fun and I'm sticking by my original assessment that people are acting MUCH cooler this year than last year
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