Thursday, October 21, 2004

Things you don't know about me...

NDC posted a "Things you didn't know about me" post a while back...and I really enjoyed reading it. At the time I thought to myself "Self, you should do one of those too" but then I just got really busy and I couldn't think of anything to say so I kept putting it off. But, I decided there's no time like the present. So, without further ado, here's some things you didn't know about me.

1. I hate tomatoes, olives, and ham.
2. My favorite flower is the spider mum (the pic is of a yellow one...but I prefer white if you're taking notes), followed closely by the tulip.
3. I once locked M. outside our hotel room in Las Vegas after we'd been drinking heavily because she was sick and I have an intense and irrational fear of people vomiting (complete with panic attacks, cold sweats, dizziness, intense fear, etc.). I cannot overstate how freaked out it makes me to be around sick people...not normal "everyone hates puking" fear...but intense, heart-racing, white-knuckle fear. Not to the degree of being emetophobic...but pretty far out there on the craziness scale.
3a. I have never been sick from drinking to the point where I actually puked. Ever. I will endure a four day hangover before I'll let myself be sick. I might "feel" sick but I won't "get" sick.
4. I went to three high schools in four years.
5. I lived in Korea for two years and the Philippines for two years.
5a. I went to my junior year of high school in Montgomery, Alabama where I was recruited onto the school's Model United Nations debate team because I was the only person in any of the teacher/MUN faculty advisor's History classes who had actually been out of the country.
6. My first real word was "guava."
7. I had a baby blanket as a kid that my grandma made for me and it had these little tassles all over it with like little cotton ball things on the ends, and I ate each and every tassle over the course of my baby and toddler-hood.
8. In high school our (M. and I) English teacher made us draw pictures to go with the book we were reading, The Picture of Dorian Gray. M. and I drew a comic strip where all the characters looked like Elvis and had huge rhinestone belts with their initials on them to tell them apart.
9. I have two tattoos. A chinese character on my inner right ankle, and a dragon on my lower back. I feel superior though because I got the dragon almost 10 years ago, WAY before the lower back tattoo got trendy for girls. The chinese character says "wife" (supposedly...who knows?) and ex#2 and I got them (well, his said "husband") two days after our elopement, following the ingestion of a HUGE amount of Jack Daniels, at the tattoo parlor across the street from my house in Ft. Walton Beach.
10. I am an obsessive planner of my social life and my time spent outside of the point that I drive my friends crazy. I like to know several days in advance what I will be doing and I am ALWAYS early. The concept of "fashionably late" means nothing to me and spontaneity is not a part of my vocabulary.
11. I have weird colored eyes, kind of brownish-orange-hazel, and get asked at least a couple times a week if I wear colored contacts by random strangers.
12. The first boy I ever really had a huge crush on, who later became the first boy I ever kissed, ended up being a drug dealer and screwed a girl in my Algebra II class. A harbringer of things to come.
13. I have never had sex in a car. Thankfully. But, if a pickup truck bed counts, then, well....
14. I LOVE to look at big industrial structures like power plants at night when they're all lit up. I don't know why, but I just really think they're sort of beautiful. Bridges too, but most especially power plants.

OK..that's it for now...I apologize in advance because I'm not sure this is really all that interesting, but you was a long day. And, as an aside, it is REALLY hard to think up stuff that you guys don't know about me...I gotta quit putting my whole life up here -- where's the damn mystery?
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