Thursday, October 14, 2004

Why? whywhywhywhy?

Here's a question. Why the f#*% can't I just keep one friggin allen wrench for more than like three days after I buy it? Every time I need one I buy one of those little sets with all the different sizes, and then it's gone...POOF. I went rollerblading today and my wheels are all squeaky (probably the result of not having used them in about two years, since the last time I lived close enough to a paved, not-too-downhill-y, squishy grass to cusion my falls path) and I want to tighten them. Damnit. Why do I lose everything? I also lose matchbooks, nailfiles, cords for electronic stuff, maps, appointment books, coupons, hair clips, lipglosses, hammers (seriously, I bet I buy one new hammer a year! WTF??), keychains, booklights, knives (seriously again...I'm missing at least three out of my idea where they are!), tupperware lids, sunglasses, etc...the list goes on and on. It's the Diet's making a hole in my brain where my short-term memory for item placement (and names apparently) used to be.
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