Sunday, October 17, 2004

A mixed bag

I went shopping with a friend of mine today for jeans. On the upside, it was just as excruciatingly soul-crushing as always. Oh wait...that's the only side. If I have to shop for a bathing suit anytime in the next year or so, that might be the last straw.

The real upside I guess is that she's the friend that lent me her digital camera to help the photoblogging effort, so there may be pics of shiny stuff, Chuck Taylors, and possibly even a fuming volcano (cross your fingers) in the next few days once she has a chance to download my fumbling attempts at "focusing" and "centering." Yay!

Lastly, if you own one of those scented oil burners from The Body Shop (or the home accessory store of your choice) there is a new oil out for fall called Pumpkin Tangerine and it smells SO good! My house smells like fall and pumpkin pie spice and cold crisp weather and warm gooey happy feelings. So yummy!
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