Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The day of random comments

Number of minutes it took me in my afternoon class (from which I am blogging) to realize I hadn't even opened the notes on my computer to make at least a pretense of taking notes: 39

Overheard in class today:

Guy to Girl: "Can you speak up?"
Girl: "It's written on the board"
Guy: "I can't see the board...jackass"

To be fair, I think these two might be friends since no one seemed overly offended...but it was still funny. I don't think the teacher ever figured out why half the class had dissolved into laughter.

Overheard in same class today:

Discussion was about miscegenation laws and what states had laws like this in 1965. Professor is moving down the row and each person is naming a different southern state.

Guy in front row: "Texas"
Prof: "Why?"
Guy: "I don't know...because they're Texas and it just seems like something that would happen there. I mean, it's Texas...and that's all I should have to say."
A few other people go.
Girl: "Oklahoma"
Prof: "Why?"
Girl: "Because it's next to Texas...I mean, they're bascially the same place."

Uh...actually...NO! Ask Larry, she'll tell you.

Overheard in someone else's class today:

Professor (rooting around under podium to try to get a video cued up): "Wait a minute folks, I'm having a hard time getting it up."
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