Friday, October 29, 2004

What time is it? BEER TIME!

Not that I need a reason to go get all crazily boozed up, but just in case, here's some good news for a change on what has become my little book of depression and woe.

1. My supervisor from this summer finally got my final evaluation done and turned into our Career Services Office, which means that they will stop emailing me and demanding it every damn day, and also that I will actually get some credit for the 12K I spent this summer.

2. Career Services actually got it routed correctly to my faculty supervisor for approval, and in less than two days...a minor miracle.

3. My faculty supervisor was nice enough to take time out of her busy day to go hunt for the package in her mailbox, open it, read the form to see if they had checked the "allow student to see this" box, and then let me read it while she stood there.

4. All evidence to the contrary, and in direct contradiction to the fact that I wrote a 15 page legal memo with the very first case I cited being unpublished because I just wasn't paying attention, and the fact that since my supervisor only had time to read the first two pages, and since her only comment to me on it was "You got the right answer, but why the hell did you cite to an unpublished opinion?", they still gave me a positive, if lukewarm, evaluation.

5. A job that I'm very interested in, but was having trouble arranging an interview for because they want me to pay to come see them and aren't thrilled with the phone interview idea, and I want to pay $800 to get my cavities filled thereby making a 2-day last minute plane trip across country rather impractical, has an executive type person who's going to be in Seattle next week and is going to interview me in person. So we all win.

6. I heart German beer. 2 hours and counting until beer time.
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