Saturday, October 02, 2004

I am woman...hear me slack.

Today, despite the fact that I was still drunk after I woke up for about 4 hours, I managed to get tons of stuff done. Here's the inevitable list.

1. Made Snickerdoodles. Perhaps someday I'll post the recipe...they are SOOOO good, and provided I don't eat every last damn one of them, I'll be taking them to school on Monday (hell yes I'm trying to buy friends with cookies).

2. Painted toenails bronze with glitter. Very classy. I swear. Didn't paint fingernails because all 82 bottles of nail polish I own have glitter in them and I have interviews this week. Damn them...first the suits, then no glitter nail thing you know slutty black eyeliner will be out too.

3. Nap

4. Oh wait...there is no 4.

Yeah, I wasn't so productive today. On the up side, Desperate Housewives AND Boston Legal both start tomorrow night. I'm so happy to see my boyfriend James Spader in a show that will focus not only on his supreme hotness but will also showcase his fabulous acting talent and irrepressible wittiness. ::Sigh:: When will he realize that his true calling is being my Cabana Boy?

Tomorrow is homework day...blech. And I'm waiting to see what the fallout is going to be on the announcement of my classmate at the party last night of the blog's existence. I noticed a few more visits than normal today from the greater metropolitan area, but hopefully most people are going to forget and not be too curious. Guess we'll see.
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