Tuesday, October 19, 2004

It's Tuesday already?

Yesterday was just a really vile and wretched day.

For instance:

I had to go to Career Services for a "career counseling" session. This is something that they're doing for us this year now that there's new management in the office to prove to us that they don't suck anymore. And I'm willing to concede that they seem a lot more together in there than ever before.

However, is it bad when I go in for my career counseling meeting and the only thing I leave with is a job printout to be a Human Resource recruiter for the state government? Just to "hang onto and check on for the next year or two until I graduate." WTF?! Is it already obvious to everyone but me that I have absolutely no future as a lawyer and so I should start looking at jobs that I was qualified for 8 years ago when I was getting my Bachelor's degree??

Bottom line(s)?
I need to dumb down my resume because my past employment is too complicated for people to understand (this one caused me to raise my hackles which I think is what set her off on the "you seem to have a...uh...very strong personality and...uh...very clear boundaries").
I will never be happy in any job where someone is the boss of me (DUH!)
If I don't want to stay in TVPNM then they don't really have any contacts to help me find a job

Anyway, if you read past the pictures below you also know I got a ding and a "we'll see" yesterday, which is actually OK except that I think I'm actually going to have to really start putting some effort into the job search. More on that later as it's time for me to go catch the bus. Today will be better. I'm sure of it.

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