Monday, October 11, 2004

Dirty Karaoke -- as performed by the TVPNM Bus Driver One Man Band

I forgot to post about this over the weekend because I was preoccupied with being in pain -- but on the way to the library on Saturday I had a singing bus driver. Now, it wasn't as bad as it might sound, at least at first. He was sticking to blues standards, a little bit of country, and some nice good old fashioned rock and roll (think Bruce Springsteen and John Cougar Mellencamp)...and he wasn't the worst singer I've ever heard (which would be myself). And, he was like the Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant of the bus driving world...chit chatting and making jokes over the intercom, flirting with all the old ladies, etc. The TVPNU was having a football game that day so the bus was loaded with all sorts of people on their way to campus. And then, DISASTER. He starts singing a song...and I know I've heard it before...even from several seats away I recognize the tune. And then it hits me. He's singing Darling Nikki by Prince...perhaps one of the dirtiest songs one could ever dream of singing while driving public tranportation. So, then I thought "surely he will at least mumble through the more explicit parts"...but NO! He actually sang the word "masturbate" clear and loud -- in front of old ladies, old men, toddlers, at least one heroin addict, and me. It was SO creepy. Anyway, just thought I would share before I forgot.

TVPNU doesn't give Columbus Day lucky me, I'm at school. If you do have the day off -- enjoy!
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