Tuesday, October 19, 2004


OK...I had a different post up here but it was WAY too long. Bottom line is that I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. At every turn people are discouraging me by telling me I'm "not right for a small or medium firm" or I "will hate a big firm" or I'm "only suited for going back into state or federal government" or "state and federal government is a terrible choice for reasons X, Y, and Z."

So, many of you are lawyers. Some of you are even bloggers. I would love to hear about your jobs, career paths, how you got to a place you enjoy, and even non-law jobs that you are using (or not using) your JD in. Leave a comment, send an email, put a post up on your site...but help all of us undecideds reach career self-actualization. I need to say THANKS! to the people who've already sent me emails in the past telling me about their jobs and why they like them or think I would like them. If you do decide to email me, let me know if it would ever be OK to share your answer (anonymously of course) as I might try to compile the answers if I get a few different ones into a "helpful advice" post for over at Blawg Wisdom (and here too!). And if you are a blogger and you've already addressed this drop me a line with the link so I can read it.

I really want to get some opinions and ideas that aren't filtered through the Career Services Office...which I don't want to spend all my time disparaging but just isn't helpful unless you are either (a) Mr./Ms. Law School Top 10% Law Review Perfect Everything Gonna Make the School Proud, or (b) the "I have lived here my whole life and want nothing more than to follow the herd and stay here and do everything that everyone else does." Even our "mentor" program is only for people who want to stay here...if you say you want to move away from TVPNM after law school they go..."Oh sorry, we don't give a shit about you can't help you even though we'd really like to."

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