Thursday, August 05, 2004

Odds and Ends...

First of all, I need to thank Ambivalent Imbroglio for saying such nice things about me and our lunch yesterday. I have to say that his assessment of my attitude about law school, and life in general, is pretty much right on. I absolutely don't do bullshit. I just don't. Anyway, he made "loud and obnoxious" sound like "exuberant and straightforward" and for that I am grateful!

Today was my second to last day at work. There's a lot of stuff going on there that I REALLY want to blog about, but I'm refraining since I'm just not sure it's appropriate. Suffice it to say that although I met some cool people and I got a few interesting assignments, I'm glad that I'm heading back to TVPNM to find an apartment, and then going home for a nice long break. Perhaps it's more correct, in that ambitious law student way, to try to maximize the fact that I don't have to head back to school until the end of September, but whatever. Instead I choose to maximize my score on Tiger Woods golf on X-box, and maximize my snacks by eating home cooking for a month.

Tonight is my last night in the apartment with my crazy-ass roommate. She's been pretty quiet of late, and for that I am monumentally grateful. The fact that I didn't get stabbed while I slept this summer is probably a testament to the fact that miracles really do happen.

Right now, I'm packing up my stuff, throwing away a summer's worth of empty Diet Coke bottles, and trying to figure out why any female human being needs to pack 40 lipsticks for one summer. And, people that know me in person will testify to the fact that 40 is but a small part of the Energy Spatula "I buy makeup to make myself feel better through retail therapy" arsenal. It's a sickness, OK?

I will probably be around on and off throughout the next several days, perhaps once I get back to TVPNM there will be some good apartment hunting stories. I am actually going to look at one that is above a saloon! I'm sure it's probably way too loud, and smells like smoke, and has a ton of really crazy people hanging around, but's calling to me. And tomorrow I'm staying out in Maryland with a friend and her family, so it'll be TV time again! YES! I guess now I'm not Energy Spatula: Girl Intern, but Energy Spatula: Unemployed and Mooching Off Parents Girl. Hey, it works.

P.S. -- I've noticed that I have some new people linking to me...and never fear, I plan to get it together enough in the next week or so (or two weeks) to get my links updated. If I miss you, drop me a line and let me know...I'm not such a technologically gifted person...I bet you would have never guessed. Ha.
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