Monday, August 02, 2004

Update to the Update

The memo is STILL not done, but I'm headed to work early to try to get it wrapped up...thank god my boss never gets in until after 10 or so. I'm lucky I woke up on time today because last night the phone rang after I was asleep (but not really all that late at night) and I guess in my stupor, I turned off my alarm clock. And just to tell you how sick and brainwashed the Air Force left me, I work up at 6 a.m., without an alarm clock, and with being horribly over-tired. Thankfully my tiny hangover from yesterday seems to be gone...and it's Monday of my LAST week in D.C. I leave Saturday to head back to TVPNM to find a place to live, and then it's off to southern Oregon for several weeks of home cooking, free laundry, X-box golf, and Diet Coke. I'm so excited.

It's my LAST Monday of work this summer. Hooray!
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