Thursday, August 12, 2004

Oh. My. God.

This story is beyond bizarre. This woman was 4'10" and weighed 480 pounds...the rescue workers couldn't peel her off the couch because she was FUSED to it and had to take her AND the couch on a trailer to the hospital. She was fused to the couch. Just let that soak in for a minute. Her "husband" says that she hadn't actually gotten off the couch in SIX years.

Here's a few choice excerpts:

Unable to separate the skin of the 39-year-old woman from her sofa, 12 Martin County Fire-Rescue workers slid both onto a trailer and hauled her behind a pickup to Martin Memorial Hospital South. She died a short time later.

Workers wore protective clothing and installed large air handling hoses to ventilate the horrendous odor emitting from the home while trying to figure out how to get the woman and her couch to the hospital.

The street in front of the row of duplex apartments turned into a makeshift construction site as rescue crews used hammers and chain saws to build a large wooden stretcher with handles cut around the perimeter so firefighters could lift the woman and the couch, Martin County Fire-Rescue District Chief Jim Loffredo said.

After several failed attempts, including building one plywood plank that was too small to hold her, workers removed sliding glass patio doors at the back of the home, leaving a 6-foot opening large enough to get her out.

You have to read the whole story to appreciate how truly strange it is. Also, how could no one know about this woman? Where were Oprah and Maury and Jerry? This is the kind of stuff they live for.
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