Sunday, August 29, 2004

Good news of the sparkly variety.

The bike shop my dad works at just bought a new building so they can expand their business, and guess what? The new building is currently a gem and mineral shop. And guess what else? Tomorrow I'm going down to said gem and mineral shop to indulge all my sparkly desires for damn near free as they sell off their inventory in preparation for closing their business. Oh yeah, I am going to buy tons of sparkly, shiny, beautiful rocks and gems and whatnot even if all I ever do with them is put them in a big jar and stare at them like a demented crow. This is the best news I've had since Diet Coke went on sale at Albertsons, 4 cases for $10. I think my mood over this news can best be described as gleeful. And giddy. I love sparklies.
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