Monday, August 09, 2004

Welcome to some new bloggers, and a very sad temporary (I refuse to believe anything else) goodbye to another.

You will notice that I updated the link list (or maybe you won't) much as I love blogging, I hate blog upkeep -- it's analogous to my love of material goods and my almost pathological inability to deal with paying bills. And I'm not kidding...I'm just not a detail person and I detest taking care of small little details...we'll talk about why the hell I would choose to subject myself to law school at another time.

Also, I'm incredibly sad to say that Soupie, one of my all-time favorite bloggers and the man who inspired me to launch Just Because: The Franchise, is temporarily (hopefully) hanging up his keyboard. If I had an apartment, and it was on a major street of any type, I would put out a very sad memorial cross made of two paint stirrers nailed together and some plastic flowers ripped off my Parrothead Halloween costume and fashioned into a lovely (and totally waterproof) wreath. Please, please, please come back sometime'll be missed. Tonight I'm going to a bar that has outdoor Ping-Pong and cheap booze, and I'll be pouring out some for you my man.
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