Tuesday, August 31, 2004


This story about Rochester, NY not allowing the annual Muscular Dystrophy Fill-The-Boot Campaign is kind of interesting (although I hardly think firefighters doing an annual charity drive could be classified as "aggressive panhandling"), especially because the firefighters were out here a couple days ago, waving their boots and asking for cash.

As we drove through town, there were about five firefighters out in the street, dressed in full fireman regalia, waving their big rubber boots and handing out stickers to people that donated. So, my mom tells me to get a dollar out of her purse and give it to them...the only problem being that all she has are a couple of $20 bills. She goes "Well, just give them $20, they're out here in the heat and they deserve it." So, I hand the guy the $20 and he goes NUTS. He's like "THESE LADIES JUST GAVE US A TWENTY! TWENTY DOLLARS!!" My mom is blushing, the firefighter is grinning...and what am I doing? I'm being snarky, as always. So, the fireman says "Thanks" about twenty more times and gives us one of these little stickers that say "I support firefighters" or something...and I lean over to my mom and say "Gee, for $20 I expect them to take off their shirts or give me a lapdance or something" and then turn around...just in time to see Mr. Sticker-hander-outer Fireman leaning in the window to give us a second sticker, presumably for me...little Ms. Big Mouth. So, he blushes, my mom blushes, I try not to laugh and we all pretend he didn't hear it.

Just another example of me being a class act in public.
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