Saturday, August 21, 2004

Sometimes I think that I don't know that much but MATH SUX.

Daddy Spatula is out climbing a mountain today and tomorrow (need QuickTime to view the panorama from the top of the mountain) as always in his adventures, we wish him luck. I am, of course, glad to be home in the A/C with cookies, Diet Coke, and 900 channels of satellite TV. And let's not forget the X-box either...and with my dad gone, it's basically all mine, although my mom is working her way through Myst 3...but s l o w l y.

In other news I went shopping today and bought some stuff for the new's fun to start buying all that good "I live alone in my own apartment" stuff again...candles, dishes that I don't have to worry about roommates breaking, rose scented linen spray...god I love being a spoiled little princess! I also bought this little white bowl with purple flowers on it that I can put on my dresser to hold earrings and stuff...I have no idea why I continue to buy stuff like this, I just can't help it. It's so pretty and flowery and purple. Sigh. I heart girly stuff.

Lastly, and in my only even tangentially related to law school bit of news, I think I finally worked out my fall quarter schedule.

International Legal Processes
Family Law
Basic Income Tax

It probably doesn't seem like many classes -- but remember that the hideous quarter system means that I have three sets of classes during the school year instead of two. So, this is actually 17 hours worth of classes -- but only goes from the last week of September until mid-December. Anyhoo. I'm REALLY looking forward to International Legal Processes as it's taught by a very hard core retired Coast Guard officer who is also the faculty advisor for the Military Law Association, which I am the admin officer of (like a secretary...only in military speak, and I get to organize trips to the gun range instead of lame socials). I respect him so much, and I've heard the class is tough...which is exciting because overall I haven't been so impressed with the intellectual rigor of law school so far...I mean, it's REALLY busy a lot of the time, but it's not difficult per se (most of the time). It's more of an experiment in time, stress, and anger management. Anyway, I'll quit while I'm ahead on this one, suffice it to say that I'm excited about that one class and dreading Basic Income Tax because I know it will have math...I can just feel it coming.
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