Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Grandparents Rule! (and a few programming notes)

Actual conversation at my Grandpa's house today. (As background, Grandpa Spatula called my dad early this morning and asked him to come over to fix his stove, which was apparently broken. Molly the Satanic Dog and I went along for kicks.)

Grandpa Spatula: "Well, thanks for coming over you guys. You see, I baked a pie last night and only the top got obviously the bottom heating element is broken...we need to pull out the oven, take out the heating element, test the current, and then replace it or the wiring, whichever is broken"
Dad Spatula: "Alright, well, let's pull it out and see what's going on" (Strains to pull gigantic 70's oven away from wall)
GS: "No, I can do it"
DS: ...rolls eyes..."It's OK Dad, let me get it"
GS: "Well, alright but I could have done it"
DS: "I know"
...oven is now away from the wall...
DS: "Let me take all these tiny little screws out, take the back off, and look at the wires and see what goes where"
GS: "I can do that"
DS: "I know, but why don't you let me" (Exasperated sigh)
GS: "Alright...well, according to this wiring diagram, the blue wires connect the heating element to the blah blah blah"
DS: ...Turns wiring diagram over so it's facing right direction...
GS: ...Muttering formula for figuring out currents under his this point I actually fall asleep for a minute at the breakfast bar...seriously.
...Heating elements are removed, currents are tested, entire oven is taken apart into the smallest possible pieces...
GS: "Say, what does that knob right there say?"
DS: "It says Off, and on one side is Bake and on one side is Broil"
GS: "Which one is on the left?"
DS: "Broil"
GS: "Oh goodness...I think I just turned the knob the wrong way! I guess that's why it only cooked the top"
...At this point my Dad's head actually exploded, much to the delight and amusement of Molly the Satanic Dog....

All in all, an hour well spent. Hah.

Aside from my (clearly) exciting morning, I went for a 10 mile bike ride with my dad in 94 degree heat in the middle of the day, and then since I survived, I went shopping and bought new pajama pants...they are pink and have flamingos on Larry would say, I heart them.

And finally, I am scheduled to begin guest-blogging over at BTQ soon...real soon as I come up with something interesting to say, which, let's face it, could take a while. I also have to thank L^3 for letting me hang out over there for the past couple months. I promise to get that car on blocks out of your lawn real soon guys -- I'm not sure when I'm gonna be able to pick up the fifteen broken screen doors and nine partially reconstructed engines though...and also I think the cat might be pregnant -- what is this, her fourteenth litter? Sorry about that!
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