Thursday, August 12, 2004

Oh the humanity.

My mom followed me to the local airport today to turn in the rental car -- which coincidentally is actually bigger than the majority of the planes flying out of the 3-gate airport that serves this area of the state. She circled around while I turned in the keys and when I got back into her car there was this really awful noise, like thousands of birds chirping. So, because my mom has been known to listen to CD's of birdcalls so she can identify them on her daily hikes, I asked the obvious question..."Is this one of those Audubon Society CD's you listen to? The ones with the bird noises?" To which she goes, "Oh no, this is a CD of a John Denver concert...LIVE! I found it on the internet and downloaded it, I guess he used to play wildlife sounds between songs...isn't it great?" Yeah, great. The best part was when the horrible bird noises stopped and the horrible twangy whine of John Denver started...LIVE! Thank god my mom has discovered music on the internet, it's what made the last hour in the car possible, by which I mean that I am about 4 minutes from a complete John Denver induced nervous breakdown...I'm going to go rejuvenate with a Diet Coke and some Tiger Woods Golf on the X-box. I'm still trying to get my player clothed entirely in pink...which takes time people, time.

UPDATE: I tried to find the post where I talked about my Tiger Woods Golf quest...but I couldn't find it. So, to make a long story short, as you play and get better you win money and get sponsorships and can buy cool stuff for your player. The pink clothes are all really expensive, so I've been slowly outfitting my player all in pink during my vacations at home when I have time to build up tons of cash by playing X-box constantly like a freak. She already wears pink earrings, a pink watch, some pink clothes, and has pink clubs. What can I say, I've got time on my hands and an obsession with the pink and sparkly consumer goods of the world.
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