Monday, August 02, 2004

Delaware: Where being lewd isn't something we keep to ourselves!

This one is dedicated to my good friend who moved back to Delaware last year from Texas. You never told us this kind of stuff was going on! At least the guy was wearing sneakers...wouldn't want to get your feet all cut up if you have to run down the freeway after you get caught mid-lewdness by a state trooper.

A masked naked man performing a lewd act Friday on the shoulder of I-95 north triggered a flurry of phone calls from passing motorists, state police said. Shortly before 1 a.m., state trooper Cpl. David Myers drove up in his marked police cruiser to investigate the reported roadside peep show, near the service area in Newark.
As he did, the trooper realized that it wasn't exactly a mask the naked man was using as a disguise.
"He was wearing a woman's bra and panties on his head," police spokesman Capt. Tim Winstead said. "And sneakers." According to court records, the trooper witnessed the man engaging in the lewd act before the man realized the trooper was there. When he saw the trooper, the naked man bolted toward Chapman Road.
The uniformed trooper gave chase, "asking the naked man to please stop," court records said.
The trooper chased the man to a nearby condominium complex where he was captured - still naked.

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