Thursday, August 19, 2004

Gee, Kent, and we were going to make you King of the Winter Carnival!

Over at Tex-Lex, the author asks whether it's more efficient to spend time preparing for class, or whether it's better to prepare for class, but spend the majority of study time reviewing after the fact. In response, and because I am in rural Oregon living with my parents and my satanic dog (who tried to eat a steak off the counter this morning right in front of me) is my schedule for how I divided my day during 1L year. Suffice it to say that this started pretty much about 4 days after Orientation, got worse throughout the year, and is not applicable during exams, which is the only time I applied myself at all.

A Day In The Life Of Energy Spatula -- Girl Slacker.

7:30: Wake up for first time. Convince self that there is no need to spend time on looking good before school, therefore taking 20 minutes off of total “get ready” time. Reset alarm.

8:00: Wake up again. Consider trying to get someone to take notes for me so I can skip class. Remember that I don’t take notes. Get up and head to class still essentially asleep.

8:30: Begin 5 block uphill hike to school. In the rain. Buy 1-liter Diet Coke and think about how bad I want to drink it all the way to school. Worry about whether all the jostling in my backpack will make it flat. Rearrange books so Diet Coke is properly cradled in between Property and CivPro books. Wonder why I haven’t opened either one of them. Have panicked moment before I realize that I remembered to bring my electronic Yahtzee game.

9:00: First class of the day. Can’t remember where I’m at. Ask someone what we were supposed to read last night. Skim reading to figure out which cases are included. Download case briefs quickly off internet while teacher opens up class just in case I get called on.

9:05: Sign into blog. Start looking for funny stories. Read other blogs to make sure everyone made it through the night OK. Spend 23 minutes Googling stuff that has nothing to do with law school, for example: “Diet Coke” and “Handsome Bachelor”

9:50: Get 20oz Diet Coke from machine in student lunchroom…The 1-liter is long gone and I’m not even close to being awake yet. Still have no idea what class I just sat through.

10:00: Next class. Go upstairs to locker for CivPro book, get back just in time to realize I’m in Property. Damn. And I still didn’t read. Back to the ‘net for more case briefs after asking friend what we read. Think a lot about chocolate croissants. Long for a chocolate croissant. Have low-fat yogurt instead. Feel angry.

11:20: On to next class. It’s ConLaw…awesome…Powerpoint slides and he only calls on three people he likes. For once, I'm glad I am not that likeable (obviously kidding...what's not to love?). Pick up another 20oz Diet Coke. Just in case. You never know when you might need one. Play Bejeweled for entire 50 minutes of class complete with audible hiss when high score is destroyed by anxiety caused when person next to me is called on.

12:30: Thankfully, lunch. Eat something totally heinous and vow to go to the gym. Have another Diet Coke. Wish that I could stop trembling from the caffeine long enough to actually IM properly in afternoon classes.

1:30: Last class of the day. Oh yeah, THIS one is CivPro. Awesome. Love CivPro but still don’t do the reading. B.S. my way through any questions and IM with friends about whether we will go somewhere and drink beer tonight.

2:30: Time to go study. Decide to head home and study there because it’s more comfortable than the library.

3:00: Dr. Phil. Just a short break to rejuvenate. Seriously. It’s only background noise to help me study. Really.

4:00: First episode of Law and Order.

5:00: Second episode of Law and Order.

6:00: Third episode of Law and Order. First beer of the night.

7:00: Decide I really need to do the reading…I’m three weeks behind. Vow to start outlining sometime before the night before the exam. Watch Entertainment Tonight. Think about how much I hate Paris Hilton.

8:00: Prop book up near laptop. IM with friends. Email people. Any people. People I haven’t talked to in 10 years if that’s what it takes to keep me away from the homework.

9:00: Look at book. Highlight some stuff so that if anyone looks they will think I read. Decide that if I download the cases off of Lexis they will be easier to read. Read for twenty minutes, IM some more, check email, and then decide to get a snack.

9:30: Second beer of the evening. Complete food pyramid by washing it down with pizza and cookies. Rock on.

10:00: Time to get serious about reading for tomorrow. Turn off TV and disconnect computer. Get on cell phone and talk to M. for thirty minutes about how much we need to find some shoes that are pink and have rhinestones because mine are falling apart.

10:30: I’m exhausted. Not going to get any studying done tonight. Get into pajamas, turn on TV, watch the end of CSI: Miami and hold ConLaw book up until I fall asleep, at which point it will slip out of my hands onto the floor…where I will be sure to forget to bring it to class tomorrow. Should have just left it in the backpack.

11:30: Insomnia starts. Watch Jay Leno, Conan, and the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. Finally fall asleep, but despite best efforts to force myself, do not dream about Craig Kilborn. Wake up realizing that law school has ruined even my ability to have good dreams about hot boys. Damnit.

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