Saturday, August 28, 2004

It looks like somebody's got a case of the MONDAYS!

Well...not really. I'm still feeling a bit angst-ridden but I've been drinking boat loads of Diet Coke, listening to Jimmy Buffett, and trying not to think about school that's all helping. Also, Reign of Fire was on TV this afternoon...yummy sweaty hot boys, sometimes with no shirts. Damn, why haven't I hired a Cabana Boy yet? I would make him go in the backyard, take his shirt off, and dig me a nice big hole, just to watch him sweat. Isn't that sick?! No wonder I haven't had any takers.

Anyway, I found out yesterday that I can move into my new place on September 10th, so I'll be heading back up to TVPNM two weeks from today to try to get all moved in and whatnot. I looked at Craigslist this morning to see if I could possibly find someone to help me unload my furniture and stuff and there is a guy who swears that for $20/hr he will come unload your furniture IN A KILT...and he says he's really Scottish. I'm such a sucker for an accent, and honestly, if he'd really wear the kilt I'd pay the $20 just to have him prance around and say cute things with an accent, but alas, my practical side says that while $20 might buy you some manual labor, letting a strange man into your home means the rape and murder are probably thrown in for free. Sigh. Whatever happened to being able to ogle without fear?
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