Thursday, March 30, 2006

I am a bottomless pit

I didn't eat any Peeps today (only because there weren't any handy), and yet, it was exactly that kind of day -- the kind where you know that if you wouldn't be ashamed you could just sit at home and eat, and eat, and eat all day long. Pizza and ice cream and candy and nachos and God, it's like a fantasy (well, technically it is since I don't actually have most of this stuff on hoo!). I don't know why some days are like that, but it's ridiculous. Thank heavens I had to go to school today or I would probably be dying right now of a heart attack, or gout, or...I don't know...embarassment. They'd have to cut out my apartment wall to get me out.

I really want someone to explain to me why this happens sometimes, the insatiable hungries. And no, there's no drugs involved...sadly, I have no excuse. And also sadly, I have no more ice cream.

First thing tomorrow - the gym. I swear.
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