Wednesday, March 08, 2006

No news?

So, the place I've been interviewing at since freaking November called the other guy who is up for the job this morning and left him a message. He tried to call them back but they haven't gotten back to him yet. Obviously this means that we will know by tonight who got the job, but I think that since they called him first and seem to want to get in touch with him, that probably means they are going to offer him the job. If that's the case I will be SO happy for him because he's an awesome guy and would be so great at this job, but of course I'll be disappointed that once again I was RE-JEC-TED. Oh well, no use counting my little rejection chickens before they're hatched, but I'll be on Phone Watch '06 for the rest of the day.

UPDATE: God, how long is it going to take these people to get on with the official rejection? I have been trying SO HARD to find my zen lately and this is ruining all my efforts. I want to just get it, acknowledge it, and move on...but can't do that until they officially do their thing. Damnit.

UPDATE 2: Yup, I'm officially rejected. The only thing that could possibly make my job hunt worse would be to start getting rejection letters from places I haven't applied. Back to square one I guess. Joy.
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