Monday, March 27, 2006

First day of the last quarter of my life.

Went back to class today. Eh.

It's hard to get excited in my current mood, which is somewhere between "Utter and Total Despair" and "Complete Effing Apathy." But, so far my classes seem cool, The only downside so far is realizing my Thursday class is going to conflict with the rowing class I signed up for -- gonna have to figure that out somehow.

I have a meeting tomorrow with my "career coach" up in Career Services. Not by choice but because I got an email today demanding that any 3L without a job (FOR SHAME!) go and see the dean of career services. I feel like I am getting called to the principle's office to explain my errant ways. "I don't know Dean! I HAVE tried to get a job! I HAVE! No I didn't staple Johnny Goodstudent to the toilet seat in the mens bathroom! NO!"

So yeah. Not much to report. Tomorrow I have time to get back in the gym and it's not a moment too soon -- mentally and physically.
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