Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Quote of the Night

Our trial was a sexual harassment side was Plaintiff. In the course of interviewing job candidates, a supervisor for Defendant Company had a (bad) habit of writing down his "thoughts" regarding each of the young, pretty, single candidates. If they were ugly or somehow undesirable, they miraculously didn't get hired. So, on one resume he wrote (among other things) "cold fish" and drew a picture of a fish next to it. With little bubbles coming out of the mouth no less.

Defense Counsel: "Why did you draw the picture of the fish?"

Witness: "Well, I noticed on her resume how much she likes watersports."

Only dirty minded people will probably get this, and I'm going to get a ton of freaking google hits looking for something VERY different than this story, but I very nearly lost my shit right in front of our "judge."

More on the trial later. Maybe. It went well. We won on all the legal issues but got REALLY limited damages. And no attorney's fees. :(
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