Monday, March 13, 2006

It's all his fault!

My friend who got the job that I told him about, the job that I didn't get, took me out for dinner and beers tonight. It was awesome! He brought two hottie friends (YUMMY!) from out of town (yay!), and he made a t-shirt that said it was all his fault. He took pictures, so if he gets those to me and says I can post them, you'll see them here eventually. Unfortunately (or fortunately), all the pictures I took were crotch-centric, so his friend eventually had to take one that actually had the t-shirt in it. God...I wasn't even trying, it just happened!

I've been kind of bummed out lately, lots of off-blog stuff going on, but I think I'm going to sort of come out of it soon. Hopefully. I promise we'll be back to funny soon, and away from "woe is me, I don't have a job and I got dumped." Believe me, it's just as depressing for me as it is for you. And you don't have the hangovers or the weird baggage that comes with all the shit I've been dealing with lately.

I'm reading "It's Called A Breakup Because It's Broken" right now. It's funny. And it makes me laugh when I want to call. Why oh why do I get myself into these things? The clean break is ALWAYS "we'll just be friends" or any of that crap. Just a clean break. I'm going to remember that for next time. I mean it this time.

Anyway, I promise that after exams and after I get my shit together in my personal life (it's almost there!), we'll be back to more funny and less crazy/depressing. I swear. Thank for hanging in there.
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