Saturday, March 04, 2006

Oh look, Adults of the Corn*

So, the Weirdest Thing Ever happened yesterday.

As you will recall, my friend from school and I are the only two people left in the running for this job we've both been interviewing for since mid-November. We've been to eleventeen interviews, they were supposed to make a decision by end of December, then end of January, then end of February, and so far nothing. We have a deal where whoever gets the job has to take the other one out drinking. So, basically, every day at least once we catch up on whether the other has heard anything, theories about why it's taking so long, etc. That's just background to the Weirdest Thing Ever.

In the meantime, while I'm waiting to hear about the job above, I'm applying to anything that comes up on Symplicity (like eAttorney) that I would be even remotely qualified for in any universe. Recently I applied to a clerkship in Oregon because it was near my parents and I thought that it was remote enough that even I might have a shot.

Yesterday, when I get home, I have a letter in the mail from said clerkship. Needless to say, by the size of the envelope, I can tell it's a rejection letter...but hey, what's new? So, I open it up to see what their excuse is and GUESS WHAT? NO GUESS!

The rejection LETTER is addressed and everything to my FRIEND, the one who I'm up for the OTHER job against, but the rejection ENVELOPE is addressed to me. So, I totally freak out and start laughing and go to email him and he's already emailed me telling me "OH MY GOD, I just got YOUR REJECTION LETTER in MY REJECTION ENVELOPE!!"

I think our job futures are intertwined or cosmically twisted or something. Maybe we should start a practice together or something, it seems like the universe is trying to tell us something!

*This may only be funny if you've been watching an awful lot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes via Netflix. This comes from Prince of Space.
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