Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Putting the Psycho in Psychoanalyze!

I had the weirdest dream last night...well, maybe not the weirdest one ever (that was the one with the goat and the candle...oh never mind), but pretty strange nonetheless.

So, I'm going to open it up to interpretation.

First, I was living in a house with our Law School Psychologist, we'll call him Dr. B. Now, Dr. B is an attractive guy but I've met him like twice in three years and as far as I know I don't have any weird mental thing going on with him either consciously or subconsciously (which I guess I wouldn't know about, but whatever). What I'm saying is that there are a few men here, both professors and students, that I could imagine having appear in one of my dreams, and Dr. B isn't one I would expect. But, I'll leave all of that to your interpretive skillz.

Next, the whole house was filled with snakes. Like, I would try to walk across the room and a snake would go right by me on the floor and I would freak out and jump on the bed, only to realize that there were snakes all in the covers and under the sheets (mind out of gutter, NOW), and slithering out from under the bed and everything. There were big snakes and small ones, and all different colors (seriously, out of the gutter!), and I didn't have a clear sense whether they were poisonous at all, but I was scared of them.

Lastly, Dr. B and I were trying to catch the snakes and throw them out of the room using tongs. Like the kind you use to grasp a corn cob out of boiling water (for lack of a better example...why does this shit just pop into my head?). So, I would try to grab the tail of the snake as it disappeared under my pillow, and I would always miss it, and then like three more would come back out the other side. Dr. B wasn't so much a participant in all of this as he was just there and I recognized that he was also battling the snakes, but we weren't really talking much.

I had trouble falling asleep last night, so the two hours of sleep I got were totally dedicated to this nonsense.

Now, discuss.
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