Saturday, March 25, 2006

Madonna sucks.

I just thought you should all know that I think the leotard DOES NOT need to come back, which means that Madonna, that dirty whore, needs to quit wearing them in her videos. I'm not sure how many of you are old enough to remember the true heinousness of the leotard, but it was pervasive and all-encompassing. My mom had an entire collection of matching leotards and legwarmers for her aerobics classes (that she taught), and I used to put them on when she wasn't home and pine for the day I'd finally be old enough for my own leotards. PINK GLITTER! That was my dream. Do you see how sick that is??

When we lived in Korea my mom would get matching leotard sets HANDMADE for her body by tailors. It's very common for American military living in Korea to get handmade goods because it's so cheap. My dad has several hand-tailored suits, we all had handmade shoes and boots, jackets, shirts, etc. But honestly, LEOTARDS? My mom loved to watch "The 20-Minute Workout"...does anyone remember that?? So, she used to get leotards made with like the top half red, the bottom half blue, and a red and blue belt, and then red and blue striped legwarmers. Etc. You get the picture. And I idolized that shit.

Anyway, now Madonna is trying to bring back the leotard and she needs to quit because it's not good. Not good.
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