Saturday, March 11, 2006

Let it go to voicemail...

Oh my god. So funny.

I know exactly the people to whom two of these ringtones will be assigned.

For those without sound, here's the text:

Voicemail: "Let it go to voicemail. Let it go to voicemail. You are too busy getting on with your life. Let it go to voicemail."

Delete: "Seriously, why haven't you deleted this number? C'mon now, let's live in the future."

Really: "REALLY? You're gonna answer it? Is that we're doing now, backsliding? Really, we're just gonna chuck our self-esteem out the window?"

Booty Call: "Guess who's drunk and phoning again? It's me! It's me! Guess who's drunk and phoning again at QUARTER TO THREE? A.M.? IN THE MORNING! Don't do it! It's a booty call! Don't do it!"
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