Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Exams. Blah.

Oh man, the 3L "I Seriously Don't Care About Exams" apathy has kicked in big-time around here. First of all, it's freaking inhumane to have THREE sets of exams, EVER. It's even worse (I'm finding) in 3L because we already don't care anymore. I have no incentive to study or do well. Most people already have jobs (therefore, why should they care?), and I can't find a job, thus increasing my general levels of both apathy and hatred for the law school experience and the total lack of reliability and validity in the exam-taking and grading process.

I mean, my Tax prof is great, and I'm trying to think of his exam as more like "Just doing some Tax problems" rather than "Trying desperately to regurgitate 10 weeks of math-y type stuff in three hours so that it can be graded on a curve which will, inevitably, assign me to EXACTLY the middle no matter how much or how little I prepare."

I am mediocre law-student, hear me roar mutter under my breath.
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