Friday, March 10, 2006

Beer. And nachos. Mmmmm.

Well, my pre-day-of-the-MPRE meal was tons of beer and nachos. Awesome. Now I'm having Diet Coke and ice cream with Girl Scout cookies in it (Samoas, the best!). I figured once I tried a real exam and I finished it in 45 minutes and got a passing grade without studying, it was time to go for some booze. God, I love my life sometimes. It sucks not having a job in the whole "all my friends have jobs and so I look like a big loser by comparison" way, but in general, being in law school, even with exams, is a piece of cake compared to my Air Force job where I worked like 70 hours a week for a tyrannical idiot who seemed to take a certain intense pleasure in making me personally and professionally miserable. And, when you're wearing a uniform, all you get to do is salute smartly and say "Yes Sir!" It sucks! Now, I have exams, and I have to find a job eventually (or so I hear), but I mostly don't have that much to do and I drink a lot of beer and have awesome friends. It's pretty OK when I really think about it. Also, I'm a little drunk which is why this paragraph is so long. But I don't think I made any big spelling M. would say, "PENMANSHIP COUNTS!"

I'll see you guys after the MPRE. Yay!
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