Friday, March 03, 2006

That's *exactly* why I'm not heavy into activities.

Last night two of my friends and I went to Guacamole Kid's final hockey game, complete with signs we made (with glitter paint no less), a slight buzz, and a lot of attitude. We had a great time waving our signs and screaming for him, and frankly, since generally no one ever shows up, I think the players thought it was funny and/or crazy. We had a good time though and felt like true fans of the GK. There were some good quotes at the bar afterwards, and as soon as I dig through my purse and find the one I wrote down, perhaps I'll post it...I do remember writing it down.

I'm thrilled that the week is over, although I guess it's not so exciting to think about spending the weekend outlining Tax and what have you, but hey...every day is one day closer to Spring Break...right?

I have yet to hear from any of the various jobs I've applied for. I kind of feel like they all got together and decided to actually do this on purpose or something...I mean, it's just too well coordinated to be random! And lastly, my personal life is, as always, a mess. What's new? I have put off dealing with the various issues mostly until after exams. Right now my whole philosophy is that I'm just doing what I need to do mentally to get through exams, and if that turns out to be a mistake, well, I'll have a whole week to deal with all of it during Spring Break. I know that's probably not the most fantastic plan ever, but it's the only one I currently have.
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