Friday, March 10, 2006

Note to self: Don't be a judge.

So, Bar/Bri offers an electronic set of MPRE practice questions/tests that you can take and are automatically scored, which, for me, makes sense to take advantage of as I had avoided the ones in the book because you had to write down the answers and score them yourself (BOOO!). This morning I decided to just do all the practice questions and see if I could pass with no studying whatsoever, figuring that I would be able to tell where I might need a little more work.

As it turns out, I got passing scores on everything but Judicial Ethics. Coincidentally, Judicial Ethics is the one subject that was not covered in the Professional Responsibility course I took last year. Hmmmmmmm....

So, I am reading the three pages in the outline on Judicial Ethics and then I will probably be calling it a day for the MPRE stuff...onward and upward to Federal Income Tax, woo hoo!! And, oh yeah, perhaps a little bit of happy hour. A girl has to have priorities you know.
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