Friday, March 10, 2006

OK everybody

Raise your hand if you hate Aaron Neville as much as I do.

It pains me that Jimmy Buffett loves him and has even done a duet with him (don't worry Jimbo, I forgive you since you're my One True Love), and every single time I hear his screechy high-pitched warble on the radio I want to pull my car over and carve out my own eardrums with whatever primitive tool is available, like...ummmmm...well, shit, the only things I have in my car are old parking passes and empty Diet Coke bottles...but I'm sure there's something there I could use.

I'm sitting at school all ready to study. I have my Super Big Gulp (funny story: the other day I was walking around with it and my friend goes "Oh my God, there IS a Super Big Gulp...I thought that was just something you made up for the blog." Oh no sister, it's the real thing!), I ate a toasty warm bagel, and now I am going to study. Just as soon as I check all my blogs, my email, and The Superficial. And my horoscope. And TVguide.
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