Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's like...yin and yang. Or something.

Sometimes, someone in your life who you know shouldn't be there, but who you've been reluctant to just push away for "no real reason" just has to do something so egregious and hurtful that it pushes you over the edge and makes you say "OK, I've had enough...you're done." It sucks, but it's kind of reassuring when you've seen someone walking all over you and you suddenly realize, "Hey, guess what, I DO still have limits and boundaries that, when crossed, will cause me to stand up and say 'NO MORE.'"

On the other hand, sometimes someone you really don't know all that well will go out of their way to do something really nice for you, even a small thing, but it just makes your life easier and is something you really needed to have done, and you feel like maybe the Universe is rewarding you for finally getting around to doing some emotional housecleaning.
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