Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Overheard in voir dire

Tonight in (mock) voir dire:

Lawyer: "Does anyone have any experience working with children?"
Juror #5 raises hand
Lawyer: "Juror #5, what do you do with children?"

I was lucky enough to be given the feedback that I should stop acting like it was an inquisition -- quit being so direct. I feel like I spent four years in the military being trained to be as direct as possible, and it's SO HARD to turn that off, besides the fact that it's sort of a natural part of my personality to be pretty straightforward and direct. I know full well it can be abrasive at times, but I REALLY thought I was doing a good job of being conversational. Perhaps this is a lesson in my "real life" as well. Note to self: drink ALOT more ALL the time...this makes you seem funny and not abrasive, at least to you!

Problem solved.
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