Sunday, March 05, 2006

Where did all this laundry come from?

Oh my God, I am doing SIX loads of laundry right now. I'm not sure if it's the product of proscrastination for not wanting to study for exams and the MPRE (why yes, this shower curtain does need to be washed! immediately!), or if I really haven't done laundry in weeks (yup, that's true too), but holy crap...I can't believe how much damn laundry I have. I also vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen. Go me!

I went to dinner at a friend's house last night with our other friend and her husband and it was so fun! I ended up staying until nearly 2:30am just talking to my friend about school and jobs and everything else and it was's been a long time since I just hung out and chit-chatted and had a couple beers with a girlfriend.

Today on the agenda is YET MORE chore-like activity, including grocery shopping, rent-paying, and a trip to 7-11 for my Super Big Gulp, and then I guess I really do need to get my shit together and start studying. For some reason I can't get into it until the house is clean. You always hear about how people nest when they're pregnant...I think I nest for exams.
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