Monday, March 06, 2006

How do you know?

I was talking to someone today and this is the exchange (to the best of my memory):

Me: "I don't know, I'm really worried about not finding a job...and, well, you know...relationship stuff, and where will I live, and, Oh God, the list goes on and on."

Him: "Well, what's the worst thing that could really happen?"

Me: "I end up living in my parent's basement at 50 with 100 cats."

Him: "Well, do you really believe that's going to happen? Do you know that's going to happen?"

Me: "Of course not. I mean, you can never know for sure what might happen, right?"

Him: "How much time do you spend thinking about all the terrible things that could happen in your life? Not finding a job? Never finding the right mate? People not liking you enough?"

Me: "A lot of time. All the time."

Him: "So, how is your life now any better than the worst case scenario? You're already living the worst that can happen. Your life is spent worrying and being anxious and trying to control every possible thing and person instead of being lived and enjoyed and experienced."

Me: "Damn."
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