Saturday, April 01, 2006

Money, it's not just for paying tuition anymore

I spent ALOT of money today shopping at the outlet mall near here with a friend of mine. Three pairs of Nine West shoes (black pointy-toed slingbacks, black boots, green suede sandals), one Calvin Klein skirt (SOOOOOOOO hot), one dress, one skirt, and one pair of capri pants from Ann Taylor (finally, date clothes...should I ever go on another date), and three pairs of very cute and very slutty undies from some place I can't remember. But they have rhinestones. And other shiny things. YAY!

Then, there was beer. And nachos. And more beer. And finally ice cream. And marshmallows. Now I have to go to bed. I will dream of all the hot clothes I bought. I'm awesome...and so are marshmallows. And beer. Sweet, sweet beer.
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