Tuesday, July 27, 2004

"Look, kids! Big Ben, Parliament....Look, kids! Big Ben, Parliament...Look, kids! Big Ben, Parliament..."

I finally mailed off my OCI materials today...or rather Fed-Ex'd them, to the tune of $33.20.  Bastards.  So, between that and the cost of printing and resume paper and whatnot, I just paid about $60.00 to be outright rejected by the firms of my choice.  Whoopee.

Here are the other things I did today.

1.  Wrote a SCATHING letter to Romano's Macaroni Grill regarding the service I got there the other night with M.  Our Bellini's were brought to the table when we were almost done eating.  The waitress' (I'm too stupid to figure out how to make this word possessive) cell phone rang while she was taking our order.  SHE PICKED IT UP AND LOOKED TO SEE WHO IT WAS!!!  Our food was cold.  M. had to get up and get the water pitcher from the server's station and refill our glasses.  NONE of the servers would make eye contact with us, apparently for fear that we would actually ask them to SERVE US.  All in all...not good.  Whoever gets the email I sent should be so glad they didn't have to talk to me in person.

2.  Researched my memo...which started out to be on the subject of attorney client privilege in certain situations unique to the organization I work for, and has now become the memo that ate my life...subsisting on what's left of my hopes and dreams and voraciously mowing through all that stands in its path, like what's left of my ability to form a coherent sentence and put it down on paper.

3.  Bought a new cell phone charger.  Avid readers of Favorable Dicta will recognize that this is the second cell phone charger I have purchased in the last two months.  I think the damn dirty Diet Coke really is affecting my ability to remember to take my shit with me when I leave someone's house, or a hotel, or even when I just leave for work from my own house, usually forgetting at least half of what I need...like my keys...and my shoes.  Seriously.  I forgot my shoes the other day.  I wear tennis shoes on the Metro...but the other day my co-workers were lucky enough to see me in a stunning skirt, sweater-set, sneaker ensemble ALL DAY that was truly breathtaking.  My high heels took the day off and hung out at home...probably surfing the 'net for porn and drinking my booze.

4.  Went and bought laundry detergent.  The good news is that the people who have the least ability to control their rabid children are the people breeding the fastest.  The other good news is that they all go to the same store I do.  Only they're buying cheap beer and ho-ho's.  Not that there's anything wrong with that...if you use it responsibly.

That's sadly about it.  Another exciting day in the life of Energy Spatula -- Girl Intern.

UPDATE:  As pointed out to me by Dylan, I linked to myself.  There is a reason.  This post is simul-posted over at L^3.  I'm too lazy to take out the link but will spend 5 minutes putting in an update.  Go figure. 

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