Saturday, July 24, 2004

Weekend Hedonism

Hello faithful reader.  Just a reminder that M. is in town this weekend and so there will likely be no real blogging until Sunday night or Monday.  We stopped off at my place today to get some stuff to take back to the hotel, hence this public service reminder.  Weekend tally so far:

1 bottle of pedialyte
1 broked air conditioner at swank hotel
1 quasi-human repairman who reminded us at least four times he had a key to our room and could enter at any moment
1 bitch ass waitress who got a less than 10% tip because she really was that horrible
2 street vendor hotdogs
1200 diet cokes (just kidding, only about half that)
5 touristy destinations
Incalculable consumption of adult alcoholic beverages

Best story so far:  M. and I checking into Hilton hotel and M. tries to pay for the room only to find out I've already paid for it.  Check-in lady gives us exhausted look, waiting for an argument over who's gonna pay.  M. goes "that's OK, I'll just take it out of you ass later tonight"...Check-in lady giggles after she gets over her shock, and I laugh so hard I drop my credit card and spend five minutes on my hands and knees searching the floor under the reception desk for it.  Heh.  Funny.
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