Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Peer Mentoring: The Energy Spatula Crash Course in Liver Destruction

So, I know I've maligned peer mentoring in the past...but (and don't laugh) I signed up to be one for next year's incoming crop of bright and shiny 1L's. Really and truly I think peer mentoring can be entirely valuable, it's just that the people it was valuable for in my experience weren't people like me. So, I'm hoping to be able to talk to some of the incoming 1L's that are non-traditional students, people who have quit careers to go to law school, or former military people who are venturing into civilian life as newly minted law students. I'm not sure what great advice I will be able to give them...but I'm gonna try anyway.

Also, OCI bidding has officially started which means that I am officially totally lost. Yay. I have no idea what firms to bid for. I'm really pretty sure the only thing I'm interested in is federal agency type places, but of course, they don't come to OCI really...at least not at TVPNU. There are a couple of firms that sound good, or that I've heard good things about word of mouth, so they are definitely on the list...but who knows...I'm not even CLOSE to the top 10% and even with a lot of prior work experience and whatnot, I'm not sure I'm really the target candidate for a firm. It's not that I don't care about law school, it's that the only parts that I find interesting are the practical parts, and the rest is just sort of a distraction for me. Grades are not a huge issue because I don't feel connected to them. For the most part, the grades I got are just sort of arbitrary letters put onto a sheet of paper with my name on it...I don't feel like I earned, or didn't earn, any of them. And to get totally off the subject, that has been my sort of one disgruntlement in my summer employment. Some of the other interns seem perfectly happy to do assignments that are just for show...just so they have a writing sample, or a bullet point for their resume. I however, being a total prima donna, want to LEARN something. I'm not happy writing a memo no one will ever read. I want to produce WORK! I MISS being in the workplace and was looking forward to a summer of PRODUCTIVITY and PRACTICAL HANDS ON LEARNING. Alas, not so much. I did however get an assignment today...not a hugely glamorous topic, but something I think I can learn from, so for the time being I guess the past few sentences are a moot point. Not to worry though...I will be back to being disgruntled soon enough! :)

Last but not least...Jimmy Buffett released his new album today...License To Chill. YAY!

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