Friday, July 30, 2004

Working in a coal mine...

Today was the last day for four of the interns. So, we all went out to lunch with our supervisor, and her boss...which was nice. The BIG boss is an Air Force Reserve Colonel, is very cool, and had some really brilliant observations and interesting things to say about lawyering and how she has gotten to where she's at. The only problem with this? I've been here six weeks and this is the first time I've even MET this woman. See how this luncheon would have been nice when we all first got here so we would have had time to follow up on some of her suggestions and ask more questions?

Likewise, two of the four interns today left half-finished projects on my desk, since I will be staying on next week. Once again, I've been here for six weeks, the first four of which were spent surfing the internet trying to find exactly the right apartment on Craigslist and looking for good shoe sales online because I literally had NOTHING to do...I went door to door and begged...and still, nothing! Why wasn't someone watching the assignments DURING the time we were here and ensuring they were equitably distributed so we all had a pretty steady flow of work, and it wasn't three people with TONS of interesting projects, a few people with TONS of busy work and a couple interesting projects, and three of us with nothing but time on our hands? Also, my direct supervisor ominously told me to be in her office first thing Monday morning for a "really big project with a short time-line." Oh good. Especially since my memo, which has grown to FOUR questions presented, is going to take me all weekend.

See, this is what happens when you spend the better part of the summer just praying for something to get punished!

Anyway, that's my last (and really only) vent about work until I come up with my list of "Questions I should have asked but didn't" later this weekend. I'm off to babysit...bring on the snacks!
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