Friday, July 30, 2004

Here she comes, Miss No-Talent America

The Miss America pageant is yanking the talent section of the competition...a welcome relief I'm sure for most of the girls, since I don't think plastic surgery was counted as a talent.

Heather French Henry, Miss America 2000, was also critical. “It’s a tragedy,” she said. “That’s what separates us from the type of contestant that goes to Miss USA. Our young ladies get into it for the scholarships and the talent.”
It's funny...I hadn't noticed a difference between any of the different pageants. Let's see, parade around in swimsuit and high heels (just like at the real beach) -- check. Wear tragic evening gown that looks like it was a bridesmaid dress in a former life and was somehow dipped in sequins and ruffles then reintroduced as a "pageant dress" -- check. Defensively explain to everyone that beauty pageants are legitimate contests for scholarships for talented girls -- check. Declare your sincere desire to cure all the world's problems while being interviewed in said bikini and high heels -- check.

Well, at least we're all aware now that Miss America is apparently the "classy" pageant -- I had no idea there was an inside rivalry between the two contests...I guess when your whole job is churning out girls who look good in swimsuits and who may or may not have something interesting to say, but will almost definitely not say it if they do, there can be rivalry. It takes a contest with good strong standards regarding the talent portion, but nice loose standards regarding what actually COUNTS as a talent, to turn out an endless supply of vapid automatons.

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