Thursday, July 29, 2004

Adventures in babysitting...but without a car, and with snacks.

Tomorrow night I am babysitting.  I know you're thinking "Who in their right mind would leave their child with YOU?"  But, really, I'm a pretty good babysitter.  I like snacks, and movies, and puzzles, and coloring, and learning new bad words.  I rock.  The best part is, the friend I'm babysitting for called me today from the grocery store to ask what snacks I want.  YES!  Snacks are being provided, and they have digital cable with like nine million channels, which is approximately nine million more than I currently have.  I hope I Love The 90's is on...I haven't seen it yet.  I know it's sick, but I kind of miss VH-1.  And TLC, but only for What Not To Wear, which I watched religiously with my roommate last year...nothing tops of a tough week of law school like watching someone else be publicly humiliated.  For a change.

Aside from all of this...not much is happening.  I am winding down at work, trying to get a handle on the Memo From Hell.  Larry has an awesome post about how to survive 1L up over at Lonestar Expat...I always think about doing posts like that, but I feel like everyone else does them so much better, I'll just wait until they say it and then link to it.  Her Number One Law School Rule?  Drink through.  Well said.

And lastly, in direct contradiction to what I just said, and in all seriousness, I am trying to come up with the top 10 (or maybe more) questions I SHOULD have asked, and WOULD have asked, had I known to ask them, while interviewing, and BEFORE accepting a summer position.  Maybe this weekend...depending on whether the Memo From Hell actually sucks out my soul and leads to my sudden and untimely demise before then.

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