Monday, July 05, 2004

Fifth of July...National Hangover Awareness Day

The Fireworks last night were FABULOUS! I'm so glad it finally quit raining long enough for us to get out and see them. And, I think the rain drove away some of the tourists, so it wasn't even as crowded as it possibly could have been. Overall, it was definitely one of the best fireworks shows I've ever of the other interns took a bunch of digital pic's, so if any turn out I will try to post a couple at a later date (doesn't that sound official??). :) I did find out that the police don't really like it if you try to bring a half empty (the other half was in my bloodstream already) bottle of rum into the viewing area. The original plan had been to just find a place to sit somewhere where we could see the Washington Monument, but one of the other interns really wanted to sit on the Mall and so we had to go through a police checkpoint. So, there went a really good bottle of rum (good-tasting at least) into the broke my heart.

There was much drinking after the show (by me at least) at a Greek restaurant where the entire waitstaff was from other countries (I think mainly not Greece though, which is weird) and spoke little to no English...I had a couple of the most powerful Long Island Ice Teas I have ever had the displeasure of getting the spins from. But damn, they were good. Rounded out the night with a somewhat drunken conversation in the middle of the night with friends from back in TVPNM...they were having quite the party (it sounded like) and were VERY entertaining. There are going to be some very hungover individuals in TVPNM, but if anyone has know my email address :)

Today I am heading out to see an old Air Force friend and her family. They just moved out here and thankfully are right on the Metro out in Maryland so I'm going to go have dinner and enjoy suburban life for a day. Sadly, since I haven't watched TV in about a month now, I'm actually looking forward to spending this beautiful day parked on their couch absorbing mindless entertainment and stuffing my face...God Bless America!
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