Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Michael Jackson to be victimizer...I mean, parent, again.

Michael "Your Creepiness" Jackson to become father to quadruplets.   I am by turns fascinated and horrified that Michael Jackson is to become a father again.  Aside from a very bad period in my misspent youth dedicated to parachute pants and silver gloves, I've never been a huge Michael Jackson fan.  In the abstract, I am even less of a fan of any person who has as many mysteriously creepy dealings with children as Mr. Jackson becoming a father, over and over and over again.   
Aside from the innate creepiness of this story, my next thought  is "What kind of crazy ass celebrity baby names will he be coming up with for the forthcoming quads?"  The two kids he already has are named Paris Michael (the girl) and Prince Michael (the boy).  I guess that leaves open a whole plethora of P+ Michael names to choose from.  With quads, I think a theme is wholly appropriate as well.  Federal penitentiaries?  Latin words that when put together form the sentence "Our daddy is a total freak of nature?"  Yup, a theme is the way to go.
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