Saturday, July 03, 2004

Boat Drinks

So, last night was a success of sorts, I think. I got over half of the interns out to a bar where each and every one of them had at least one adult my book, that's success. It was nice to see everyone out of the office, acting like normal people who aren't 80 years old...having a laugh and a beer...that's good stuff.

Apparently the Fourth of July brings about nine billion visitors to D.C., and since I live relatively close to the Capitol and therefore the fireworks, it seems like maybe tomorrow my neighborhood is going to be under tourist siege. This requires a plan. So, today I am heading to the liquor store and the grocery store...provisions are a must. I have convinced at least one or two of the other interns to go see fireworks with me, which I guess is going to mean walking out of my apartment a couple blocks and finding a place to sit. But, I'm not sure when/if I will ever get to see fireworks in D.C. again, so I want to make sure I go, even if I have to battle the tourists. Last year I saw them in Oklahoma City (M, do you remember when you almost caught on fire? Wasn't that funny! OK, maybe not), two years ago in Las Vegas (where my ex-boyfriend introduced me to his mom as "the woman he wanted to marry," borrowed $100 because his paycheck somehow "got screwed up," and then called me when I got back to Texas and dumped me), and I think the year before that might have been good old Texas. Wow...I'm a well-traveled Fourth of July observer!

And lastly, I will be guest-blogging over at Life, Law, Libido for the month of July. They have a few other people who will be contributing as well, but they're all smart people who will probably talk about intelligent political and law can expect the usual idiotic news stories and snarky comments about women who are prettier than me from me...and I might post some things in both places. So, now it's double Energy Spatula, and therefore (of course) double your fun.
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